the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.



someone you love and who loves you, someone you respect and who respects you, someone whom you trust and who trusts you


So I just want to share my latest accomplishments with you guys before I continue with my blog….

1. I have finished watching all Harry Potter movies

2. I have entered my entry for a photography contest, with the award of being featured in a  magazine

3. I have also entered for a poetry and short story contest, with the same award.

Today’s topic is about how freaking awesome my friends are and why I appreciate them so. (BTW to all my super-supportive family reading, I will be talking about how awesome you guys are.)

First off, I love all of you guys and you are extremely special to me. I’m simply writing this because you’ve made me smile at some moment and it’s my turn.

Second, you have all impacted me in ways I can’t explain. Whether you’ve been there for 90% of my breakdowns or you’ve just always been able to make me laugh. Whether I’ve met you in the last 3 months and don’t really know you or I’ve known you my whole life.

Since I have no idea what order to put you guys in, I won’t (at least not in a specific order.)

SIS- okay, so I’m not sure if you actually count as a friend or family??? But it’s okay. I know you’ve been harassing me to write a blog about sisterhood and I promise I’m working on it. You’ve been my first answered prayer and a constant comfort since. You can make me laugh even when I’ve been crying for hours and you’ve given me much of my creativity. To be continued…

COLLEEN-uh, I’m not exactly sure how many times I have to tell you how much I appreciate you, but here we go again. 🙂 You’re that one friend, the lifetime one that has managed to stick for longer than I anticipated. Sure, I didn’t really like you in elementary, but apparently best friends don’t leave easily. We’ve argued plenty of times, but we always manage to fix things up. I love you.

SKY AND RAMEY- Honestly, what would I do without you two? My snake and hawk… I can never thank you enough for being my shoulders to cry on when life in Tampa became hard to handle. Thanks Sky for being an awesome movie partner (The life of Ruby Sparks and The Call were the best) and dressing up with me since day 1. Thanks Ramey for having that beautiful contagious laugh, getting high on Skittles during my birthday, and being a joy to have around. P.S. we need to talk and FaceTime more often.

DANCE GIRLS (Chloe, Angie, Kayla, Ali, Cleo, and Natalia because why not)-CLEO, NATALIA I miss you guys so much and I pray that you guys are enjoying and handling your move as well as can be expected. Overall, I want to thank you for handling my pre-dance breakdowns with immense grace and getting in trouble for talking in class with me. (oops) Thank you for allowing me to re-enter dance after my move back. Angie and Chloe, all thanks to you two beautiful beings for loving me and helping me through those tough patches. I hope to return to favor soon. ❤

JUAN #1 ZAPATA- Even though you’re really bad at texting, I still enjoy hanging out with you. Thanks for being weird and making me weird. Also we need to hang out soon. Thanks for all the horrible puns and awkward moments.

VERTICAL FRIENDS (you know who you are)- Okay, so I barely know you guys, but I still have so much to thank you for. You’ve all welcomed me into your circles and treated me with immense love, it’s honestly changed me for the better. From learning to appreciate my Latin roots to becoming an overly social person, you’ve all helped me become better. Thank you for giving me great examples of what it’s like to love Jesus with all my heart.

So, I’ve thanked the majority of my friends, but I also hope to remind you that friendship does not take number 1 place in my life. Somewhat recent events have taught me to value my life, precious Jesus, and family first. And to all the friends that have disappeared from my life, I love you.

OSCAR AND JEN- I love you guys and thanks for supporting my photography and poetry with unending love. Thank you for raising J.P. to be a great 2 year old. And thank you for always being there to listen to me. I LOVE YOU.

MONICA, JUAN CARLOS, MORENO, AND TIA MERCEDES- Los amo y gracias por ser unos de los mejores familiares.

TIA TICA, ABUELITA OLGA, Y TIA MAJO+FAMILIA- Gracias por siempre amarme y cuidarme. Los amo y espero verlos pronto.

MOM AND DAD- I mean I guess you’re okay… Just kidding!! You guys are the bestest and (completete lol). Thank you for raising me as a loving, intellectual, and balanced young woman. We don’t always have it together or all of it, but you’ve been amazing. Mom, thank you for having the patience and taking the time to homeschool me, I couldn’t thank you enough. Dad, thank you for always supporting our family and for giving me a love for all things green and with leaves. I love you guys beyond what words can describe.

LOS ABUELITOS- Yoyo y Miro, los amo mucho! Gracias por siempre consentirme y cuidarme. Los amare por siempre.

PAUL AND CLAUDIA- YOU’RE the best godparents ever. Thank you for being one of my first memories of Sunday church. Thank you for always supporting me and for satisfying my love for ice-cream and rice. Please tell Oso that I love him. AND I LOVE YOU.

MAKAYLAH, LULU, and KRITHIKA- You’re the bombest online friends a girl can ask for and even though I might never meet any of you, I love you with all I have.

“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten”- Lilo and Stitch

“That’s what people do who love you. They put their arms around you and love you when you’re not so lovable.”
― Deb Caletti




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