val·u·a·ble  ˈvaly(əw)əb(ə)l/ -a thing that is of great worth, especially a small item of personal property.

So I’m moving…IT SUCKS! But what can I do about it? Yeah, nothing, so I’ll deal with it. This week was the beginning of two big things for me. I packed the first box in my room, which was a pretty big deal for a procrastinator like me. And also our family started showing our house. My first box packing held one of my favorite collections… My snow globes! Even though they take a backseat to my cameras and butterflies, I realized why I love them. As I took them out of the back of my armoire, I started to mentally list my favorite. The ballerina in white and the snowbound nativity scene ranked highest. The nativity is nothing spectacular for an untrained eye, except for me, it is the highest example of beauty in simplicity. The ballerina dressed in white has a similar feeling, but has a hidden secret…her music. The lovely tone that causes her graceful body to turn (because ballerinas turn, they DON’T spin) is a soothing song that nearly brought tears to my eyes. As the song played in the background, I noticed how unloved her beauty went. Stuck in a corner, I had paid no attention to her. A similar moment happened as I laid in the grass of my present garden. The reality that I wouldn’t be able to call it mine, in a quickly coming time, sank in. The beauty like none other had also gone unappreciated. 15 days before the move was when I started spending time in the garden when I had 7 whole months. What had I done?
Lesson time:
As pathetic as it might sound, all of these things broke my heart in a surreal sense. I had realized that I had let time get the best of me. I didn’t enjoy the natural beauty of my garden until time had run out. The tiny dancer had also aided in realizing how little we appreciate things. The precious snowglobe could’ve broken at any chosen moment, but I hadn’t ever given it a single glance. The little prince book resting on top of my armoire had also been forgotten, although its lessons were timeless. Time has gotten the best of us all and sometimes it’s for the best. My dear people, newsflash, YOU AREN’T INVINCIBLE. You could die this very second and that’s not to scare you, but we need to realize that time is against us and of us. We made up time, yet somehow it manages to control us in manners unimaginable. Except they aren’t THAT unimaginable, they happen to you everyday. They make you stressful, cause jammed calendars, and steal the joy of living. Don’t let stress overtake your joy. Enjoy your life, miss a few appointments, and play with your children instead of sending them to daycare. Call your friends and drive until the end of the world. Surprise your mom and make the house spotless while enjoying your favorite music. Make life worth living. Do as many good deads as possible. Look at the beauty all around you and just let the sunshine rain on you. Don’t let life make you a miserable person. Instead be so joyful that even you wonder why you’re happy. I know not every day is perfect and horrible things happen, but joy will never forsake your heart. Did I make myself clear? BE HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY
“So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.” -John 16:22
“I don’t think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that remains.” -Anne Frank
“The most wasted of all days is a day without laughter.” -Nicolas Chamfort
                                                 HAPPINESS IS THE KEY TO LIFE

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