official day 1:

beau·ti·ful-of a very high standard; excellent

hand·some-lovely; admirable

(For all the adults that have passed along this blog; I would honestly love if you shared this with at least 2 teenagers that you know. I believe that our generation is suffering from a major self-esteem famine. I also believe that the world will be a better place the second that one more human being loves themselves. So please do me the small favor to make our earth a better place.)

Hey, so I’ve made it to today and I would like to thank all of you guys who have read my first blog because it honestly means SO much! In case you didn’t notice, I’ve decided to do a “Friends” type of title for the blogs by using a consistent beginning of the title and using alternative endings to make each blog unique. Maybe that’s because I love Friends (the TV show by the way.)

HOLD ON! I have to actually talk about my topic. First off, I want to clarify that all of my blogs (especially this one) are completely gender-fluid, of course there will be some specific references because I’m a girl and only have experience as a girl(sorry guys.) And I will openly speak about my relationship with God with no due respect to any other religion, but also standing strong behind my belief.

Today I want to focus on body types and body positivity!!!! YAY! Okay, so either you’ve heard a bunch about this, you haven’t heard much about this, or you don’t really trust any of the positivity out there. Guys, please don’t leave yet because I truly believe that every guy and girl has the right to love their bodies and honestly accept themselves. In order to keep my guys engaged I’m going to start off with my opinion of how great guys are.


You guys, I know alot of times you are accused of choosing girls based on only their looks and level of attractiveness and right now in the 21st century that is complete sexism. Although guys WERE naturally created to be visual and extremely logical, it has changed quite a bit nowadays. I WILL NOT forget to mention that unfortunately more girls are quickly judging guys based on their looks. (personal pet peeve warning.) The phrases, “he’s too skinny” “he’s not even cute” “he’s too short” and that’s just to name a few, are being carelessly thrown around. I want you wonderful guys to know and understand that all of that crap (to use a nice term because this subject makes me kind of mad) is not to any of your use. Every guy out there has at least one attribute that is a great thing, and simply needs to be found. For the guys who think they aren’t “as attractive as.” I want you to know that your physical body is not nearly as valuable as your personality and how you carry yourself. If your someone doesn’t like you, then maybe they just want an excuse to not like you and overall it isn’t worth your time because you deserve to be fully valued and loved. All of you skinny guys… I probably don’t know if you’re insecure because other guys do find smaller guys to be less masculine or if girls just don’t like you because of your weight. Weight is JUST a number. Nobody in the world can measure your loving nature, kindness, or selflessness. Use your time to consciously work on your character instead of hitting the gym to gain some muscle or lose some weight. If your short and you struggle because of stereotypes that guys have to be taller than girls in a relationship, please just forget that because somewhere a woman is going to appreciate you for your personality and least importantly, your height. For any other insecurity, I want you to know that the bravest thing that you can do is to stand against all the voices that say that you’re not the “right type” of guy, learn to love your body, and understand that your personality is the bestest thing you can every have.(Just remember that nothing is perfect and your personality can always use a tune up.)


Now sweethearts the #1 thing to know in a girl’s world is that you’re your worst enemy (along with some haters out there). Since we’ve got that cleared up, I would like to say that you’re absolutely spectacular. Okay? Okay. (Somebody is bound to get the reference) As girls (and I’m also speaking to myself) we tend to take a good look at the girl next to us and hyper-analyze every aspect of their body and in turn hyper-analyze ourselves. This hurts you more than you can imagine. Also comparing yourself to models, celebrities, and women who are universally considered “beautiful” is not healthy, don’t overdo it to yourself. Although, I must clarify that another woman’s beauty does not subtract from your beauty, this isn’t algebra. If you’re short, love yourself. If you’re “too skinny”, love yourself. If you’re “fat” (which is a horrible reason to not like or love someone), LOVE YOURSELF. I’m not sure if I’m getting my point across or what, but you have an entire galaxy of beauty in simply your eyes, if you’re a genius girl (GO GENIUS GIRLS AND ALL GIRLS) then I bet that you could figure out a formula for how many galaxies of beauty would be in a whole female. You are a beautiful creation no matter what people, social media, and our own standards say to us. Always value your character more than the amount of makeup you have, and learn that women should not be out to get each other through envy. Never try to look better just to get the attention of a guy or to make a girl envious (even if she did hurt you.) Don’t believe that you need makeup, expensive clothes, and a thin body to be beautiful. You don’t have to be a covergirl, you don’t have to weigh under 100lbs, you don’t have to wing your eyeliner, you don’t have to please the world.


Both guys and girls should respect each other and their looks, treat others as you would like to be treated. We should hold each other up no matter what our differences are and compliment each other as often as we can. We can help this self-esteem deficit to go away, one compliment at a time. As a Christian, I highly advise working on your character alongside with the Word of God because our worth is in Him and from Him. He has created us in His image and He consistently reminds us of our worth. As long as you treat others correctly and hopefully follow God’s Word to mature your character, you’re attractiveness is simply an addition to YOU.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”-Psalms 139:14

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”-Coco Chanel

“Your heart is worth 100 times more than your face.”


   please share with someone you love


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