Here’s ME *alljourneysmuses*

HI! So here I am and I’m super-duper excited to go along with this dream of being a photographer/blogger. I would like to introduce myself in case you don’t know me… My name is TATIANA GOMEZ and I’m a 14 year-old homeschooled dreamer. I have a 7 year-old sister, a mom, a dad, a grandpa that lives with me, two mini turtles, and an adorable baby Holland Lop rabbit which you’ll see someday. I’m a dancer, NO NOT A BALLERINA, I dance ballet, modern, jazz, lyrical, acro, and about any music that will come up at a latin party. I’m also currently taking some beginning acting and singing classes for fun. I’m obsessed with my semi-red hair, chocolate, mirrors, fashion, and a plethora of other things. I collect antique cameras, snowglobes, butterfly items, and memories. I believe in loving God and loving people along with bunnies :))) Ummmmm. Oh, I’m 100% Colombian and proud of my people. My dream career is to be a photojournalist and travel the big wide CRAZY world. I’m that person that can count my best friends on my 10 fingers and not because homeschoolers are anti-social. I love them with my whole heart. No matter how long I’ve known them (6 months-13 years), how much we fight (alot-barely ever), or how far away from them I am (4 hours-2 minutes) they have found a way into my heart and have made it into hundreds of the photographs instilled in my mind. I’m on my second time moving this year and no lie the journey was INTENSE. Poetry, along with my faith and family, was probably the saving grace during the whole process. Oh yeah, I’m also an amateur poet and American Sign Language student (that has nothing to do with anything…) I’m a shaky-handed eyeliner expert, peel-off nail artist, and injured dancer to name some of the IRONIES in my life. I have no idea what else to say… I don’t like mainstream music, clothes, or ideas. When it comes to music I prefer Jon Bellion (actually listening to him right now), Logic, Alessia Cara, Raury, Willow Smith, John Mayer, Andy Mineo, NEEDTOBREATHE, and Lapsley. I don’t get Geometry, like reading, and adore history. I’m not religious, but instead in a relationship with God. I promise to not externally judge you and always be a gentle butterfly with my words. I know how it feels to be bullied, no it was more than just that. I know how it feels to be rejected, how it feels to feel unloved, and how it feels to be stuck in a deep, dark hole. I get scared easily and fall in love with simplicity (I prefer the term “rise in love”). I hope that nobody sees me as perfect, and that no one uses their life to bring down other people. I’m a messed up person, but  I like to think that I’m slowly falling in love with my  messed-up-ness. I’m not some skinny, tumblr, rich, or flawless goddess. I’m a kinda messy, personally broke, oily-skinned, frizzy-haired, crazy-maniac type of person. I would adore for you guys and girls to give me suggestions for topics, pictures (on vscocam and instagram)(I’m also on tumblr and my username for all of these is alljourneysmuses), and well, just know that I’m here for you and I believe in you.



3 thoughts on “Here’s ME *alljourneysmuses*

  1. Wow, wow WOW! I love this! Your honesty and vulnerability are so refreshing! Really looking forward to following along your journey! I’m so glad you got a bunny! We have 5 and we truly enjoy them. Photography is such an amazing art and allows us to see what we feel. I know you will love it and I can’t wait to see your captures!

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